Help Rescue Anthony and His Friends from the Maze

Anthony and his friends have successfully raided a picnic but now they need you. Help solve maze puzzles and collect treats like cookies and donuts from the picnic and become part of the ant family.

How to Play

In Maze Rescue you save little ants by drawing a line with your finger guiding them through a maze of tunnels littered with treats. Goals vary from helping the ants from one end of the maze to the other, to collecting items and time limits.

Mazes can be tricky places, so to make things more fun you can earn boosters if you collect enough items. Boosters let you do all sorts of cool things like digging new tunnels, returning to old locations and even teleporting from one part of the maze to another.


Maze Rescue is available for iPhone on the App Store, get it now at the link below.

Coming soon to Android


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